Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The V Word

I hate the V word. I hate saying it. I hate hearing it. I know it is better than the p word which is just crude and obscene. But the V word is so personal.

Today I finally to talk to a human voice at the doctor. My discharge, crampy situation never cleared up. I needed to get it taken care of soon before the pain got worse. The nurse tells me that I have Group B Strep in my VAGINA! Did she need to say that word on the phone? Where else would I have that? I didn't let them swab anything else. It was just a given to me. I had a problem with my hoohoo.

I know I should be a grown up and use the grown up word. I would just rather use the good ole trusty replacements: Hoo Hoo, Noo Noo, Hooch, Hoochie... They sound silly but to me they are much better than the V word.

Any names to add to my list?


Sheryl said...

Here's a few to add!



Jay said...

Haven't made up names....maybe I should?? ;)

Sunny said...

Sheryl I love the Mussentouchit. It took me a minute. I will use that from now on for sure. PERFECT! But I don't think Grumps will like that one. teeheehee Oh well! it is all about me these days.

Joanne you really don't have a name? Oh my, you need to do some brainstorming! :)

Big Pissy said...

Mussentouchit is hilarious! Never heard that one! I have to say, I'll take the V word over the P word any day!

Sheryl said...

Mussentouchit comes from my best friends MIL if you can imagine! I laugh every time I hear her say it (she's in her 70's!)

Sunny said...

I still haven't used it yet. I wonder why? No seriously I can't wait to say it to Grumps.

Big P I agree with you. I HATE the P word with a passion. But the V word just sounds so silly. :)

miss m said...

Sunny you crack me up with all your little nicknames for all kinds of words!! You would hate hanging out at our house. Lately my girls have been LOVING the P word. And the more Dale hates it (and tells them) . . . the more they use it. It's too funny!!! I have no nicknames . . . I am seriously creatively verbally challenged!! I wish I was a nicknamer b/c I think you're just too cool!!

K said...

There are worse things she could have the 'C' word.