Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Infertility Everywhere #1

It amazes me how many people I have bumped into who have or had infertility issues.

I talked to a lady today from work who told me that if I ever wanted to talk she understands where I am. I never thought she had been effected by infertility.

She tells me her story.

She had been trying to get pregnant for over 8 years. She had trouble even having a period. She talked about her awful experience with Provera and how it made her crazy. Finally after many tests, drugs and miscarriages, the doctors found that she had a genetic disorder where her body could not hold on to her babies.

She told me that when it is time to stop trying you will just know. It is hard when your family has kids. It is hard when people try to help and let you know that they know someone who finally got pregnant. She said that it does get easier but the tug in your heart never goes away.

She has made a life choice and has to live with it. She will not have children. Now I understand why she is the way she is. Now I have a personal connection with her.

We are everywhere!


Sheryl said...

Its amazing how you find out that others are having IF issues as well. I've recently found out that 2 other people I work with are having problems, and 1 other is pg with her 2nd through IVF. Man we ARE everywhere I tell ya!

laura said...

Now I know that yes, we are everywhere, but I sure wish we would talk about it more, so that it would be easier to make those connections you talk about. I've known so few people in real life who've had similar situations ... it really could have helped.

I'm so glad you met her. I hope you take her up on her offer to talk. It's probably good for her too.

Sunny said...

I sent her a thank you for sharing her heart with me. I knew that it took a lot for her.