Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Insides

Sorry for the complaining ahead of time but it just seemed like here was a good place to place them.

My insides hurt. My lovely green goo is gone but the cramping is still here. My lower back hurts. My ovaries or at least that area hurts. It is like I am ovulating but way more intense.

Of course my thoughts go to the worst. I keep thinking that my insides are rotting away. Grumps on the other hand says that it is the Lupron eating the bad stuff away. Logic tells me the eating part should be done by now. Am I dying?

I know that I say that in jest but seriously why do I hurt? Infection? I need to call my doctor but we know how great they are about returning my phone calls, not to mention the holiday is coming up.

Anyone out there have any great sound advice?

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