Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Laughing Points #3

I don't know if this is too funny. Okay K, my neighbor thought that it was.

You know that sleep is not all that great these days. That leads to a Lupron brain as I call it. I feel like I live in a fog. I forget things. I drop things. I just can't do much sometimes.

I have been trying to get packages together for different people. Many are way late gifts. So I get my little sister's package together. As I write her address I thing, "I am not sure that is right, but I guess it is." I finish up the address and put it away. Grumps had a break in his day where he could mail all the belated gifts. I was so glad to get them in the mail.

Today when he came home he had a package under his arm. I thought, "Yes, an early birthday present." He tells me that he has something that I need to look at. I needed to look closely at the envelope. As I look at it I say the address and soon realize that it is mine. I addressed my sister's package who lives no where near me to myself.

I have completely lost it!!!

K could not stop laughing! I have mush for a brain!


Sheryl said...

Ok now that's funny!

Sunny said...

Yeah everyone else thought so too!!! Now imagine me being a teacher to 2nd graders. It only gets better!!! Hey I want to see your blog!

snapshots said...

Love it!! hahaha

Heather said...

Sunny, I think this is hilarious! The funny part is that you weren't sure of the address, but it sounded right... :)

Sunny said...

Hey, thank you for commenting on my blog!!! I am glad I made you laugh. teeheehee!!!