Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I love my new hormones! I love actually having estrogen back inside me. I never thought that missing that one little thing could make your life a living hell.

Now that I have that little hormone back in my body, my world is such a different place. I sleep at night. My hot flashes are gone. My moods are under control. I feel like me again. I actually have a sex drive. THAT will save my marriage if nothing else. (Not like it is falling a part but my Grumps sure has been deprived a tiny bit!)

I love my little blue box that has the little round pills that I pop out right before bed. I actually get excited each night as I pop it into my mouth. That little pill means my life is getting closer to normal. It means that my countdown is soon to becoming to an end.

I think I am in love with hormones!

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