Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Grossed OUT

I just did a search on Google for pelvic exams. I didn't think I would really actually see pictures of one. Yep, many pictures of pelvic exams. I guess I am pretty niave to think otherwise.

If you would like to see what one looks like, just do a little image search! I will not be posting any of those pictures here.

I didn't need to see them. I am now scarred for life!

Let me know if you did a little search of your own! It is like a car crash!


snapshots said...

THIS did NOT help my issues about my December 19th appointment. GROSS!!! I can cancel, right? HAAAA
I cannot even imagine all the proding and probing all of you who are waiting on your miracles have gone through. Actually it helps to think about it that way. My little hooch exam is NOTHING compared to what you guys have gone through. I am going to this appointment and will think of you all!! Sunny, you are welcome to get a plane ticket and come hold my hand. Seriously! If you were here you'd be coming with me!!

Sunny said...

I for sure would be going with you. I didn't know about this appointment. Now I can hound you like no other. It really isn't all that bad. It is totally a mind thing. Such your mind off and think of something else. Just be 'prepared and all together' down there and it makes things much better. :)