Sunday, October 15, 2006

Low low low

It is amazing how news can totally wipe you out and make your day just suck.

Just last week D and I were so excited of the possibility of being pregnant together. Now I only hope we can drink together.

I seriously doubt I am pregnant. I am not even sure I want to be this month. My heart is just hurting. I feel so low.

I offered to make D some dump cake now I feel the need for some myself. Forget trying to lose some wait. Eating to make yourself feel better is the most important thing right?

Anyone else having a low low low day? week? year? life?


babydreams said...

I too am having a low, low, low day. Actually it has been a low weekend. I never left my house. I never changed my sweatsuit the whole weekend. I am dreading going to work tomorrow and even contemplated calling in sick to work. Today the infertility, the pain, the frustration, the fear are all more than I can bear.

Sunny said...

Babydreams I am so sorry. These low times really test our spirit. I thought about calling in sick tomorrow myself but know that won't help the matter. At least not this time. I hope you find the strength to continue on this week. I will pray for you tonight. Please feel free to email and let it all out with me.


Curly Mommy said...

Sunny and Babydreams,
You are both in my prayers.

snapshots said...

My heart is heavy for everyone today. Been praying all day!