Sunday, October 15, 2006

All the Angels in Heaven

Today is a day of remembrance for all the little angels in heaven.

It was going to be a hard day for my friend but it was lined in hope and excitement.

Today my friend's baby would have been in our arms. We would have taken pictures, ooed and awed. We would have toasted to life and the future. But she lost her baby to heaven in March.

She was dreading today. It has been sitting heavy on her heart for months. The countdown to October 15th. But God had give her a little surprise. She had found out this she was pregnant. We were all beside ourselves. If I got my bfp we would be only 5 days a part.

Last night we talked about me testing early and today coming.

This morning I woke up not feeling it in my gut to test. So I prayed for my friend and her baby. I went downstairs and check my email to find she has lost another baby to heaven. It all happened this morning on an already sad day.

Today was suppose to be a day that had hope attached to sadness. Now it is just sadness. My heart is beyond heavy for her. It is breaking for her. I want to fix it and make it all better. I want to erase today. I want to hold her hand as she sees her babies. But all I can do now is pray, comfort, listen, and pray some more.

If you know anyone who has lost a baby to heaven pray for them today. Remember their loss. And say a prayer for my friend.


Sarah said...

I will most certainly keep all of us that have angels in heaven in my prayers today.

snapshots said...


Curly Mommy said...

Yep, I'm praying too.

Emmie said...

I certainly will pray for your friend, and for your BFP to happen soon too. My prayers at night keep getting longer--we're due for some more miracles around here. Your friend is lucky to have you in her life.