Thursday, October 05, 2006


It is finally up! uP! UP!!!

Let's just hope it stays up for the next 3 days and produce a BIG FAT POSITIVE!

We did the deed. Ummm let's just say it wasn't my best performance! In fact I hated every second of it. The entire time I was laughing in my head thinking that if we do get pregnant on this try I will tell them when they are older how it just SUCKED!

Here is the thing, it drives me nuts to hear Grumps complain about doing the baby dance again. Um I do believe he gets a happy finish everytime. Yes, I know that it is hard but seriously, he just has to look and touch and do. I have to lay and lay and lay. THEN when we are all done I ask for some toilet paper and he yells back at me from the bathroom that I should have got it before and been prepared.

I was like, "No he didn't!"

So let's all cross ourselves, pray, throw babydust, do the dance, WHATEVER!!!! I want this temp to stay up up and away!

Thanks for riding this ride with me!


Alli said...

LOL, while I was reading your post, I thought, "No, he didn't!" and then saw that you did, too. LMAO.

Praying for you that this is it!!!!!

GLouise said...

You are too funny! Hugs!

Sunny said...

Thank you girls! I am taking a break from doing the deed until either AF shows and then I get drunk OR the 9 months are up. HA!

snapshots said...

Ohhhhh so praying THAT THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I CANNOT believe Grumps said that. Well, I kinda can...knowing him ;)

Jay said...

Yay!!! Praying and throwing tons of baby dust your way!! ************************************************************************************************************************

hotlipz said...

Hey Sunny,

Where exactly are you putting that thermometer?

Sunny said...

HA! I am putting it in my mouth!!! :)