Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Sweet Husband!!!!

I talk crap about Grumps all the time. My real life friends know what I mean. He is a wonderful man but can be so funny sometimes.

I haven't really talked about my blues with him this week. I want to spare him the worries. But I know that he knows. I know that he feels it all around me. I love him for not even bringing it up.

Today Grumps left for a work trip for a couple of days. When I got home after he had put a card out for me. I had put one out from him at the beginning of the week to apologize for my ugliness.

He told me he bought the card weeks ago but I know it was meant for today.

Here it is:

Love is...
more than just hearts
and flowers
and romance,
more than candlelit dinners
and moments of intimate sharing.
Love lasts beyond
those initial stages...
It is understanding
through the difficult times,
laughing together
when things are good,
or laughing together
to keep from crying
when things couldn't seem
to go more wrong.
It is patience and compassion,
compromise and healing.
Love is everything
we share together.
Because to me,
love is
and always will be




snapshots said...

Oh so sweet!

Bev said...

Those are beautiful words!!! Grumps found the perfect card for the perfect moment.

Curly Mommy said...

Ah man, I'm all choked up now. I need a Kleenex. How sweet.

Alli said...

That is so sweet.

kell said...

that is the sweetest card. it brought tears to my eyes. it was so perfect.

Sunny said...

I know he did an amazing job! My favorite part is the laughing when we want to cry because life is so not good. Okay that was my summary. :)