Sunday, October 08, 2006

2 Week Wait

I am in the lovely two week wait. I hate this place. I try to keep my spirits up but also try to stay grounded or even forget about where I am in all of this.

I had promised Grumps that I wouldn't drink after I Oed. I lied. I have been good. I have only had small amounts of wine. I had to have something to get me through this stupid time.

Guess how many times I have pushed on my boobs and lifted them to feel for overwhelming heaviness? Too many times. It is too soon to even have symptoms like that. BUT we all know how our mind loves to play games.

I was a good friend today. I went with K to shop for maternity clothes. Yep, you heard me right, MATERNITY clothes. I had a little drink before I left to numb it all. It really wasn't as painful as I thought it would be until we were in Motherhood.

There was a mother and daughter who came into the store while K was trying on some clothes. I thought the mother was the one shopping. WRONG!!! It was the 14 year old or younger. She had a nice belly. She seriously was YOUNG. She begged her mom to carry the bag for her. The mom told her NO! Go mom!

But it sure sucked for me!

I did enjoy the Asian lady speaking Spanish to her employees in the food court. It gave me a laugh.


Jay said...

It's funny, but I did the whole "boob-lift/push" thingy for so many years. Sometimes you just do it without thinking because you want to feel the tenderness.

I'm glad that mom made her daughter carry the bag too. You're a strong woman Sunny. I can't believe you went shopping with your friend for mat. clothes. I'm just shaking my head at you. :)

Curly Mommy said...

Hang in there sweetie. I can't believe you went clothes shopping either. What a good friend.

Sunny said...

Well I am shaking my own head at myself. I told my friend that she needed to know first that I was blogging about the day and second that I was a good friend. HA!

I guess the best part out of it all was there really weren't any cute clothes out there. HA!

GLouise said...

Wow- the maternity store! You ARE brave!

How sad to see a teenager in there....