Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Too Soon?

The mindgames have started!

I am only 6 days past ovulation and I have already started. STOP ME PLEASE!!!

I have a scratchy throat.






I know that it is just... okay I don't know. BUT we all know that it is too early to feel and know anything.

I know that I am just going to shoot myself in the foot for this post. If nothing happens I look stupid. If something happens you will all want to know and I don't know if I can share especially since real life people read.

Please just tell me to shut up and stop all this crazyiness!


Curly Mommy said...

It sure is hard to be patient when you want something so much.

Jay said...

STOP the MADNESS!!! You're going to make yourself more nuts than you already are. ;)

Seriously, it's hard, and too soon to know anything. The problem is that the signs of pms are too similar to pregnancy at the beginning. You just never know.

(((hugs))) Still have everything crossed and praying for you too.

Jill said...

Ah, the two-week-wait mindgames. I know them well. I hope that the wait goes quickly and that your hopes will be fulfilled.