Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Word is...


It has been slowly leaking out to different people at school. They have been afraid to confirm it with me.

When I went back to work, it was just all too soon, too fresh to share with anyone. I told only a handful.

Now people ask about me, my situation, my absence of a child. I have had the guts to just spill the beans. It has felt good. I kind of just through it out there. You can see my words hit pretty hard.

OR those who have known secretly steer the conversation to my 'issues' hoping I will share. When I do share they act SO SHOCKED that it is very obvious.

I can't wait to share GOOD news and watch that spread like wildfire.

1 comment:

GLouise said...

Thinking of you, brave lady!

Keep us posted on the item you mentioned a couple of posts ago....Hoping good things for you!