Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pocked and Proded

I was poked to day for my first time. Not poked by fingers or by shots. I was poked by very tiny needles.

YEP I had my first accupuncture moment. Of course I cried talking about why I was there. I HATE THAT!~ I can talk about it on my own terms. But when you start asking me questions and I am not in charge I just can't hold myself together.

During the entire experience all I could think about was, I didn't shave my legs. I totally forgot or just didn't think about the need too. As he is putting the first need into my foot and then my leg I could have just kicked myself. Normal Sunny on a normal day would have said, "Excuse the hairy legs." But today I felt super vulnerable.

Needles went into my feet, legs, hands, arms, belly, ears, and head. I 'relaxed' in the very cold room for 15 minutes. Of course I hoped to get up and feel like a completely different person. Not exactly. The spots where the needles were tingled. It was getting late and I was ready for happy hour with D.

I go again next week. It really wasn't bad and didn't hurt at all. I am sure I looked like a pin cushion though.

Tomorrow is our RE appointment to talk test results and a plan of action.


Sheryl said...

After a few appointments you'll come to love the acupuncture. I got to the point where I couldn't wait to go every week. I relaxed so much I usually slept during the hour I was there! I remember worrying about the unshaved legs too... you'll get over that! LoL As for the cold room, ask him/her to put towels or blankets around you or on any showing skin. the did that with me and it helped alot. they also had these little heat lamps which were awesome. Anyway I hope you come to enjoy the acupuncture and it makes you feel great! Good luck with the RE today :)

GLouise said...

This sounds very much like my first acu experience too. If you don't mind me asking, how much does your acu charge? I had to give her up, she was a little too expensive for me, since my insurance did not cover her. (90 a session, plus 100 for a week's supply of the herbs).

kellg said...

It really does get better -- although I was always cold. The first time I didn't complain, but after that I did. My acupuncturist was very accommodating and it was much more pleasant without chattering teeth. Just try to relax and enjoy.