Saturday, March 10, 2007

Learning to Poke and Being Poked

I went to my injection class the other day. D came with me. I needed ears since Grumps had to work. When I go to the doctor I think I will listen and pay attention. It never happens that way. I go in and my mind goes blank. It is like I am in a fog. I can hear what is being said but it doesn't stick. I leave overwhelmed and slightly lost. SO I take a friend now when I can. I have learned my lesson.

First D and I had to make it clear that we weren't 'partners' just good friends. I think we go our point across. I tried to talk about Grumps a lot. HA! The nurse explained everything well. We all got calendars with our protocol mapped out. I am glad I can just look at it to remember. I am still a little nervous and confused. We also practiced mixing my meds and injecting the needle into a piece of pig fat. Just joking, it was silicon but very over used and yucky! Now we just need to wait for AF. Oh good news, my nurse, I LOVE HER, got me a deal on my meds. I just need to pay my copay. I am glad to get a break somewhere.

On the other poking front, my acupuncturist/chiropractor put little tack like things in my ears and legs to stimulate throughout my day. The ear ones KILLED the first night and also brought on a nice cold. I don't think it brought the cold but it sure didn't help my sleep. I am used to them now. I just keep wondering what my ears will look like once they are removed.

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Nikole said...

I'm so glad that you were able to have D with you for support and that your plan is all mapped out in your calendar AND that you got a deal on the meds. Keeping everything crossed for you!