Thursday, March 08, 2007

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is my brain. I have so many dates to keep up with that it drives me nuts. I need to type my appointments in and get my little morning notice. Something to stick in my head throughout my day.

Well the other day I went to add all my March dates and guess what? March 20th showed up with .... Birthday?!!!

Boy was I stupid to put that in my calendar! My heart dropped and I quickly erased it. I would have died to have that little morning notice on the 20th.

How could I forget that day?


Anonymous said...

I remember when I flipped to the November calendar page and saw "BABY" written huge on my due date with a big smiley face. Ugh, what a feeling! But anyways, this isn't about me, it's about you - and it stinks and I'm sorry. -Jill

Patience said...

It's just another kick in the pants isn't it?

Thinking of you x

GLouise said...

Awww, sweetie.