Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Little Peek

Today I got to see what the men see when they go into that little room. MAN I do feel a little bit sorry for them. Just a tiny bit.

The room was nice. It had a nice reclining chair. GROSS!!! All I could think about was how many men sat there and did their business. In front of the chair was a little tv, XXX movies and magazines and a sink with no mirror.

Man the pressure! The lady gave the directions, cup and instructions to ring the bell when we were done. We locked the door and began the jerk. HA! You could hear people walking around the hall. HOW NOT PRIVATE! When we finished, boy was it hard to aim into that little cup, we rang the bell. There was a knock at the door. The girl came in gloved. That was it, we did the dirty in a room and the world knows about it.

2 hours later I am spread eagle having 23 million spermies inserted into my hoohoo! Now the 2 week wait in JAMAICA starting Monday!

I still feel bad for Grumps and all the times he had to jerky lurky alone in a scary room.


DD said...

I never have asked my husband about "the room". I don't think I want to know. Ewww.

Enjoy your vacation. What a way to enjoy the two week wait.

melissag said...

What a way to spend the 2 week wait! Relax and enjoy.

Dr. Pepper Rose said...

You are TOO Funny! An open book is right! Poor grumps!

PCOSMama said...

My husbands 'room' is the back of our van! Our clinic does not have a room and we live almost an hour away so he does the 'deed' in the van on the way there. Not ideal, but I think he prefers it to a room a bunch of other guys have done the 'deed' in! I can't even imagine - the thought of sitting in that chair you described, even with my clothes on.... ewwww!

Ya know, we women go through some crazy things with these treatments, but I guess we can count ourselves lucky that we don't have to produce the 'sample' on command, in a very unromantic place!

Good luck - hope it was all worth it!

Curly Mommy said...

I can't stop laughing! Have a wonderful trip.

The Town Criers said...

You know, a lot of people mock that room, but it is true. It's a lot of pressure. Maybe it doesn't hurt like some of the things women go through, but it's still pretty humiliating.

Have a wonderful trip! Wishing you so much relaxation.

Jay said...

You crack me up!
I've been catching up on your posts! My fingers and toes are crossed for you.
Have fun in the sun!

Baby Blues said...

Waiting with you! I hope this IUI works.
Great place to spend the 2ww! I hope time flies fast.

missm said...

Oh my word!!! I've been staying away from blogs because, well ... (you can read about it on my blog).

So how great is this???!!! I will be praying for you Sunny, dear. You and your Grumps and the little swimmers and floaters.

Have an awesome time in Jamaica.