Sunday, September 10, 2006


I dreamt of the nursery last night. I dreamt that I took Grumps shopping for everything. I had forgotten about the dream until I started shopping online for my new little nephew.

When I was pregnant my mom and I went 'shopping'. It was more like window shopping. My family doesn't live near us but I wanted my mom to feel part of it all. Since my brother's baby my mom calls many times during the week. She just wants to talk, chat or whatever. It is her way of making sure I know that it will be okay.

She emailed me to tell me that a girl at her church had lost her baby last week. She was 2 weeks after me. They have been trying for a couple of years. When my mom first told me about her it was when I was pregnant. She thought it was so cool to have someone in her church due around the same time as me. My heart broke to know that she lost her baby. I am sure my mom is taking care of her just like she would have taken care of me.

Back to my dream. I am holding onto it as a sign. What do you think? Doesn't it sound promising? I never dream baby dreams. I think it is my bodies way of letting me for once not think about it. But not last night. The night when I had the best sleep in forever I dreamt about the nursery.

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