Friday, September 15, 2006

left out

I went to the mall yesterday to pick up a few things. I thought that I would go into the Christian book store to see if they had any good books on miscarrying or infertility. I have one good infertility book but was in the mood to read something else.

I find the section labeled Wellness and begin to look. I find books for your marriage, abuse, all different life issues. I finally get down on the floor and begin to look. There on the bottom self next to books for loss of a spouse and mother there are 2 books that fit what I am looking for.

The first book is about infertility. BUT it is a woman's journey. I am all about journeys. I am on one myself. That is what this blog is all about. But the book was put into chapters according to dates. I didn't feel like she really touched on anything. I wanted to be able to find a chapter and read it out of order. It just wasn't what I was looking for.

The other book was for those who have experienced miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, and young baby death. WOW! All of those are so different. Yes they all deal with death and loss but so very different on so many different levels. But it was cheap and I bought it. I also bought a book by Max Lucado dealing with loss.

As I was searching for books my heart was so sad. It was sad for me but really more for those who come searching. There were hundreds of books on marriage, singlehood, parenting, even addictions. I can see the couple coming in after a loss looking for the book to answer some questions or help them not feel so alone. I can see their faces when all they find is those 2 sad books stuck in between other books that don't even fit where they are.

Yes, I am sure I could go online and find books but I wanted a Christian book right in my hands right then. Yes, I could go to a big named bookstore and find books but I wanted a Christian prospective.

I felt left out.


hotlipz said...

Write it.

Sunny said...

As long as you are my publicist. :)

GLouise said...

What's the one book you had already?

I have a couple of recommendations...

When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden, by Sandra Glahn


Moments for Couples who Long for Children, by Ginger Garrett.

Another one I have, but you need to be in the right mood to read it, " Empty Womb, Aching Heart."

I read this one a little too early in our infertility journey and it left me feeling depressed. Most of the stories end "unresolved" so in most cases I never could figure out if the couples went on to have kids later. I think the author intends to share these as "moments in time" vs. a full narrative of just one couple's journey from beginning to end. So if you order it, keep that in mind :-)

Big hugs!

Jay said...

Read The Ache for a Child by Debra Bridwell. It's a good one.
I'll send you mine if you want.