Wednesday, September 20, 2006

They Entered Heaven


When I was pregnant my mom told me of a girl at her church who was due the day before me. I immediatley felt a bond with her even though I had never met her.

After my miscarriage I continued to think about her and pray for her. One day my mom called to ask me to pray for a girl at her church who had just lost her baby to heaven. My heart broke for this person I had never met. I asked my mom if it was the girl whose baby was due the day before mine. She said yes.

I began to pray and cry for her. She was my bond. She was to have the baby since I lost mine to heaven. But she was walking in the same shoes that I am was walking in.

I have since emailed her and told my story. She told me her's.

Our baby's entered heaven together. She was 13 weeks when they realized her baby went to heaven 7 weeks before. Her baby went to heaven at 6 weeks just like my baby. Our babies turned into angels together.

One day I hope to meet A. I also hope to meet her baby in heaven. I am sure our babies are the best of friends since they entered heaven together.


Jay said...

Quite a special bond you share.

Shazz said...

What a beautiful thought!!