Thursday, September 07, 2006


Today and I guess yesterday I really talked 'pregnant talk' with the pregnant girl on my team. I guess I have moved on a bit or at least disconnected myself with it all.

She is at 16weeks and really isn't showing. She is still wearing her old clothes. Today I saw her belly do a little pop at the end of the day but still. I look bigger than she does. At 8 weeks I really looked bigger and I am not that big. She is not that little either.

She is all worried. I tried to calm her fears. Of course bad thoughts were running through my head. SO BAD! She goes in for a check up next week. I thought it was for today. I told her this morning that I was praying for her. She has been on my mind. I would hate for her to have to go through a miscarriage. It truly is hell.

She wouldn't shut up about being pregnant and all that jazz today. She kept saying, "You know what I mean." Then she all of a sudden realized my situation. She knew it before but it finally hit. She felt awful. She kept apologizing. I told her that there wasn't a need for that. I was in a good place. Of course afterwards, while at home feeling sorry for myself, I hated her.

It is just really weird talking about what it feels like being pregnant when I am not anymore. Weird.

*Oh Grumps and I did the deed this weekend. It was good ole drunk sex. I was positive that Aunt Flow was on her way. Guess what? I oed the next day. WHAT THE HECK? Fingers crossed all is well no matter the outcome in a couple of weeks. Trying not to worry.


Jay said...

That's how my sister -in-law got pg both times. Drunk sex is still sex. ;)
Come to think about it, that's how LittleL came into this world. :D
When you get pg next (and you will), make sure they give your progesterone immediately. Crossing what i got for ya hon.

Pregnancy talk always sucked for me. I had it twice that close friends were pg and I m/c'd. it's hard.

Em said...

Hi Sunny. Just discovered your blog. Sorry about your miscarriage.

Jennie said...

:o( thinking of you and hoping the silly pg workfriend stops talking pg talk to you, I know we say it doesnt matter and we're ok with it but it's when we get home that we call ourselves liers it does so matter.

Sunny said...

Jennie you said it perfectly!

Jay that is just awful.

Em Thanks for stopping by.