Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Crazy Brain

My brain is on the fritz. It doesnt' work the way it is suppose to work these days. I can't concentrate. When I do I lose it so fast that I forgot what I was thinking about before. I try to remember things and that is impossible. There is just a big blank space.

At night I go to bed and begin to pray through my mental list when all of a sudden I am not praying any more. I am off in lala land lost. Not asleep but just lost.

When I talk at times my words come out so mushed or incomplete. I have to have a translator to help me get my thoughts across.

I need a fresh brain. I clean start. I guess I will just blame it all on hormones, grieving... When will it go back to normal?


Alli said...

I do the SAME thing at night with my prayers! I can't remember the last time I actually got all the way through my prayers before I was gone.

My brain is scattery, too, so I have no tips. Let me know if you get a good one! :)

Sunny said...

You know what I found helpful the past couple of days? Knitting. Yes, I am not doing squat around the house BUT it has given my brain a break from that scattered feeling. I just knit and watch tv. I am not knitting anything great or pretty. I am knitting a blanket for me with different colors and textures. I have a feeling it will be ugly BUT my brain has a break. :)