Monday, August 28, 2006

Back to Work

I am going back to work today. School is finally starting up. BOOOO HISSSS!!!!

Can you tell how excited I am?

This summer didn't go the way I had planned. It started out great. I had fun with my friends and granny. I got wonderful news that I was pregnant. I got to enjoy feeling pregnant. We visited family and then it just all went bad.

I feel like the summer was tainted. I really would like a redo. I wouldn't trade being pregnant but something had to be better.

I haven't really spoken to anyone from work this summer. Two people from my team know. I plan to tell my administrators today just so they know why I might be acting different or whatever. I am sure someone will come up to me and say, "How are things going on the baby front?" or "How are you feeling these days?" OR "Are you pregnant? I just thought you would be this summer."

I plan to reply to all of the above with "Well, we were pregnant and I had a miscarriage two weeks ago. We are blessed to have been pregnant and plan to start trying again once I get my cycle." I will then say, "How was your summer?"

I hope to make people feel bad for being so insensitive. Oh well, I work with teachers, what do you expect!

1 comment:

GLouise said...

Happy back to school time! What subject or grade do you teach?

yes- by all means- send a good guilt trip to those annoying questions.

I hope no one asks "are you pregnant yet." If they do, they are jerks!