Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Hope Chest

Today was cleaning day. My house had just fallen a part. We are having a karaoke party here on Friday. I needed to get things in order. It felt good to clean house for once.

I started vaccuming the upstairs and realized that the maternity clothes and sweet cards that I had thrown down the hall to 'the room' needed to be picked up. So I picked them up and decided to just put it all away. One by one I placed things in my hope chest. I thought that I would have cried and though about it all. I would have held each item in my hand and thought about our baby. I didn't. I just put them all in the chest, closed it and moved on. Scary.

I did keep out our only picture of our baby. I just couldn't put it in the chest to leave forever. It is now in my room. It isn't super close but close enough that I know that it is there. I wonder if Grumps will notice. And if he does I wonder if he will say anything. Probably not. He is trying to move on too.


laura said...

Moving on is good, but you'll always keep those special memories deep in your heart. And when they come to the surface, that's okay too. Keep faith - you will use those cothes and items again.

Alli said...


GLouise said...

Aww- I have a hope chest, too. Filled with wedding things, and some "future baby things" that my great-grandmother embroidered.

I can't wait to bring those things out, and often wonder if I ever will.

Thanks for your last comment on my blog. We can help bear each other's burdens.

Much love,

Sunny said...

Thank you girls.

GL You are welcome. I just know there are times when I can't bare to trust or hope or pray but I have many who are doing it for me. We are no alone!!!