Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pregnacy Detective

Yes I am a pregnancy detective. I am pretty good at it. There are times I make up a story in my head and am totally wrong. I think I do that for self preservation. It is my way of getting myself ready for the news even when there is no news to share.

I watch signs of bellies. Are they getting bigger? How are those clothes fitting? Once I even thought this older woman was pregnant. I told a friend and she thought I was on crack. She said that she has always had a belly. I swore up and down that it now looked pregnant. She probably is in menopause. HA! But I was so sure.

I watch for signs of change in habits. Are they drinking? What are they drinking? What are they eating or not eating? How much are they eating? Do they look green? Are they going to the bathroom a million times in an hour span? I went to a happy hour with friends one day. One of my friends didn't drink anything. She usually is right there with me on the consumption level. She only had water. I was positive she had news to share but was holding out. She even didn't act like herself. Ummm months went by and she never shared any news. She wasn't pregnant. I am still waiting though even though a year has gone by.

I watch for the look. You know the look. The look of pity. The look of nervousness. The look of fear. All of these looks only happen when they are around you. They are thinking, "How do we break the news to them?" I have had it broken to me in person, privately at my home. I have been told at a bar. I had many drinks that night after the news. I have been told by the phone, through email, or through someone else. All of them are tough to swallow. I just try to be one step ahead of them at all times.

Anyone else watch the signs? Anyone else a skilled pregnancy detective? I should hire my skills out to other infertiles.


Sarah said...

Girl - we should be sisters!! I do the same thing too. At my sister's wedding in July, I had a conversation with my mom, dad, and hubby about whether or not one of my cousins was preggo. I do it all the time. It is the craziest thing. my mom finally got the guts up and went to ask my aunt about it. HA! Turns out that they are trying but not successful yet. BOY - if they only knew what you and I have been through! We determined that her belly was nothing more than just a beer gut from drinking too much on the weekends. Not sure if I would like that type of belly - you??

Sunny said...

It sounds like we are two of a kind!!!

Shazz said...

We should start up an agency!!!

Sunny said...

Yes we should. We could be rich by the time we all get our babies. Then we really will be pros!

Emmakirst said...

Unfortunately yes, i do the same thing. Just happened with my SIL, she told everyone else but me, but i probably knew due to my skills first :P